Video: Back Patio Trellis Replacement

Repairing a trellis due to dry rot in the lumber is not uncommon. This was a very nice custom home in Carlsbad, CA but the back patio trellis was built in such a way that the lumber was stacked tightly against other pieces of lumber. Moisture collected where the lumber was stacked together and that is where the dry rot occurred. You can see the pictures before the repair below and watch the video to see the newly finished trellis.

Video Transcription:


Bill Freeman: Good morning. This is Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re just finishing up a trellis down here on a job in Carlsbad. We did a repair on this. There was a lot of dry rot on the upper structure of this cover. We just took everything off and simplified it, cleaned it up and got rid of all the rotted wood, and now we’re just hanging the lights on the inside. This is a custom home down here in Carlsbad CA, and they’re getting ready to have a big dinner party coming up next week. We cleaned it up. There was a lot of lumber all sandwiched together, which promotes dry rot, and that’s what was going on. Even some of these big beams were completely rotted through and probably a third of them had to be replaced, and then the whole top of this was completely reworked and redone. Have a great day.

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