Video: Custom Metal Building Update

Video Transcription:

Brandon Freeman: Hey everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I want to give you an update on this metal building that we have going on out in the Four Corners area of Ramona. So today was a very productive and eventful day on this job. The Tesla battery backup got installed today with the sub panels here, which is going to back up this kitchen area, which has quite a few freezers and refrigerators that are going in it. So this Tesla battery is charged by the solar panels that are on the property. So I’ll show you that here in just a minute. Shower enclosure also got installed today along with a toilet and sinks. So, a lot of progress being made here. But the biggest curveball that happened today was we were going to run the wire for the solar panels to charge that Tesla battery through some existing conduit that was put in the ground years back for some other utilities. So we went to pull it through thinking it was clear, but it wasn’t.

Brandon Freeman: So spent a handful of hours trying to get that figured out. At some point, you just got to pull the plug. So we did. What we ended up finding is there was an existing two-inch conduit in the ground. You can see right in front of me, there’s a pull box here. It came out there, and you can see the solar panels up above by the water tank and the tractor. So there was a conduit that was run there that was actually empty. So we were able the tie in right there. Put in some new inch and a quarter conduit in the ground to our pull box right here, which saved a lot of time having to dig a completely new trench all the way up to these panels. So I’ll take you up here, show you where we tied in. So that other two-inch line that we tied into came up right here. We were able to dig a little trench right here and plug into the meter here that is powered up by the solar panels. So, this whole system again will power up and charge that Tesla battery pack.

Brandon Freeman: So they never have to be without power out here. So, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. So, got it done. Thanks for watching. Have a great weekend.

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